Cake Tasting

NUT ALLERGY:  We apologize that we are not able to provide recipe ingredients of our baked good.  Our recipes are modified from time to time and cannot always be accurately valued not listed.

Please be advised, all of our baked items are hand-crafted in our kitchen, using shared equipment with nuts, gluten, wheat and soy products to name a few.   Combined with variations in vendor-supplied ingredients, we cannot assure you that any menu item will be nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free nor wheat-free or any other allergen-free product.

For your safety, any persons with these allergies should refrain from eating products prepared in our kitchen.

Please taste and order accordingly.

Tasting are booked by phone only.  Please call 951-676-6500 to schedule

You and your guests are presented with 6 cake flavors and 11 filliings, 2 fresh fruits and the buttercream icing for you to build your own wedding cake.  Each tier can be a different flavor as well as each layer and each filling.  

We'll explain all this to you at the tasting, just know your cake will be completely custom to your tastes!

CAKE FLAVORS:  Vanilla Bean; Chocolate Fudge; Marble; Crushed Almond; Lemon and Red Velvet

FILLING FLAVORS: Bavarian cream; Cream cheese; Cream cheese mousse; Lemon; Raspberry; Vanilla bean whipped cream; Fudge; Chocolate mousse; Praline and Peanut butter.

Fresh Fruit: Strawberries and Blueberries

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